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        So long as people have property to protect, rights to exercise, goals to achieve, they need impartial and objective advices to guide them.

        Independent and professional proposals are called for in reviewing the past, explaining the present and creating the future. For this, Height International bases its perspective and insight on accumulated service experience, and natural, profound comprehension of market, environment, culture, risk, responsibility, value and history as well.

        Having superior scope, brand, network and channel, Height International, with its subsidiaries, is considered as one of the best teams in west China. Here valuable service is provided for clients, for our team always relies on favorable professional ethics, rich experience and expertise, wide field of vision and global channels, all of which ensure its leading position in such domains as company financial management, international capital market, human resources. Moreover, it is ready to assist Chinese corporations in going abroad.


Sino-US joint venture in Chongqing Height Australian Financial consultants grid

Chongqing Height assessment of real estate assets Land limited liability company

Chongqing Height CPA Ltd.

Chongqing Height Financial Advisory Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Height Project Cost Advisory limited liability company

Chongqing Sino-German auction Ltd.

Chongqing new standard-Enterprise Credit Management Services Ltd.

Chongqing ON Investment Management Co., Ltd.


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